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Question:Why does it take so long to compress a file?
Answer: PNGOUT works really hard to compress your images to the smallest possible size. That just takes some time. OptiPNG is also pretty slow. You can turn off OptiPNG if you don't want the absolute smallest files but want slightly faster compression.
Question: Why do the progress bars jump back and forth?
Answer: The progress bars take progress information from PNGOUT. PNGOUT makes several passes over the image trying different techniques to compress the files. What you're seeing is the progress of each of these passes.
Question: Why does PNGGauntlet need the .NET Framework?
Answer: PNGGauntlet is developed in C#, using the .NET Framework. This means you need to have the framework installed for it to run.
Question: I compressed an image with alpha, and now the alpha doesn't show up in my editor. Why?
Answer: To minimize file size, PNGOUT will compress 32-bit (RGB+Alpha) images down to 8-bit with palletted alpha if it can. While 8-bit paletted alpha images work fine in many editors and in all web browsers that support transparent PNGs, it does not work in Photoshop, Gimp, or Paint Shop Pro. If you want to edit the compressed images in any of those programs, you should choose the "RGB+Alpha" color depth in the Options panel when compressing files that have an alpha component.
Question: PNGGauntlet didn't convert some of my non-PNG files to PNG. Why?
Answer: PNGGauntlet wants to give you the smallest files possible. If converting something like a JPEG to PNG would actually make it larger, PNGGauntlet will just leave the image in its original format. However, if you really want PNGGauntlet to convert to PNG, you can go to the Options dialog and check "Always convert files to PNG even if it would make them larger".
Question: After compression, the filename is in red text. What went wrong?
Answer: The red filename means that PNGGauntlet produced a larger file than what you started with. This can only happen if you've checked "Always convert files to PNG even if it would make them larger".